A versatile engineering and architecture firm that connects and meets

Our dream

We want to create beauty and happiness

Building a world in balance, people in development and organisations in motion. Shaping the future by looking at it from a range of perspectives – those of visitors, residents, business owners, policy-makers, advocates, builders and designers. And we have been doing so with passion and precision for more than 40 years.

Our values

Creativity arises in dialogue

Enterprising, inventive, resilient and candid – that’s what we stand for. Every story begins with a person-to-person conversation. Whether you are a contractor, local resident, architect or business owner, we bring all parties to the table and make differences in perspective negotiable, question ourselves and devise solutions before they can become a problem. Because dialogue creates engagement and leads to inventiveness.

By building bridges between different areas of expertise and stakeholders, we can achieve the best result together: a design that will last for generations. And this is how we make our dream a reality.

"For me, there is only one way to live and run your organisation: completely. With your head, your heart and your gut. That takes courage. To dream. To show yourself. To listen. To ask for help. To make mistakes. To look in the mirror. To meet yourself in someone else. To be consciously present here and now. The essence for me remains connection, with yourself and with the world, to shine as a unique human being. Reaching out to people, even when it hurts, showing their wings, watching them dance, that stirs me and moves me every time."

Nele De Smet
CEO of Evolta

Our services

From design and study to competition, coordination of works and management, on-site as consultants or in a team as partners

Our firm consists of a mix of engineers, architects and so much more – all the talents with different areas of expertise, interests and styles. Together, we combine our broad structural engineering knowledge with a hefty dose of inventiveness and a passion for people-oriented creation.

Companies, organisations and governments can turn to our interdisciplinary teams for the design, coordination and management of any construction project. You can engage us as on-site consultants, or as a partner throughout your project. No matter who or what you need, we have everything in-house (or in our network) to empower you and give you peace of mind.

bridging passion & precision

The Evolta trademark? The combination of passion and precision. Passion for design and an eye for detail. Attention to beauty, happiness and connection and aptitude for numbers, dimensions, the golden ratio and the golden spiral. Or also: our uncompromising view of spaces and buildings. That they should primarily serve people, and not the other way around.

The bright minds behind Evolta

No student tower too tall, no sewage system too deep. This little army of talented individuals gets its teeth into the most complex projects to make them an ingenious, timeless and people-oriented masterpiece together.