Evolta is an engineering and architectural firm with a crystal clear dream

We want to bridge the gap between designers, builders, building owners and residents. Shaping a beautiful world in balance, happy people in development and sustainable organisations in motion. Bringing differences together – because differences bring excitement and beauty. Making room for dialogue and creativity. Connecting passion and precision in everything we do.


Inventive, people-oriented solutions

To us, future-proof design is putting people first. We create with people, for people. Bringing all parties to the table and ensuring that our projects fit the soul of their location, so they will be supported by their surroundings for generations to come.


A variety of disciplines under one roof

Differences keep things interesting, and they certainly do for us. Evolta is a firm with specialists in more disciplines than two. By sharing our knowledge, we challenge each other intellectually, keep each other sharp and on our toes, and ensure that you can sleep soundly. Because together, we’ll dot the I’s for you.