Our domains

Our multidisciplinary team works around different fields that are important for tomorrow’s society. But of course, we don’t do that alone. We deliberately look beyond the boundaries of our own organisation to building owners, contractors and other partners to build a happy, healthy and resilient future together.

Whether you want a new building, are thinking of repurposing it, operate a production site or want to address your existing infrastructure – our teams handle design, study, coordination of implementation and management of the entire process and project. And you can also come to us with very specific consulting assignments.

A specific question?

As true bridge-builders, our professional experts are at home in more than one discipline. In addition to our construction profiles, we have experts in mechanical engineering, piping, measurement and control technology, purchasing, logistics transformation, project management, site supervision ... whatever.

Resilient living

We are building some great places to live and stay. Buildings and neighbourhoods with lots of greenery, space for work and play, and safe mobility.

Strong cores

A liveable city is one with central space(s) for meeting and experiencing. So we are strongly committed to multifunctional squares brimming with life.

Climate & water

Our blue-green specialists will create a new reality that takes into account the context of climate issues, flora, fauna and residents.

Sports & games

Together, we will create green and dynamic spaces where people are free to express themselves and develop, on both a large and small scale.

Sustainable mobility

We seek to balance the interests of traders, residents, passers-by and the environment. For accessible and pleasant cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

Inspiring learning environments

We see things from the perspective of children / young people and will create modular, multi-purpose classrooms with room for creativity, play and nature experiences.

Room for care

With our extensive design experience and knowledge of regulations and subsidy programmes, we create buildings that can last a lifetime, where care is paramount.

Connective workplaces

We intertwine living and working and create modular, multifunctional buildings where we bring together a range of functions for a new dynamic.

Retail, industry & energy in transition

We design innovative buildings and provide specialist consultancy so that traders and industrial clients can stay ahead of tomorrow's expectations.

Want to help build the society of tomorrow?

Take a look at our vacancies or send an unsolicited application.

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