Room for care

With our extensive design experience and knowledge of regulations and subsidy programmes, we create life-proof buildings where care comes first.

Room for care

The healthcare industry comprises a wide range of services, from hospitals to residential care centres and assisted flats, to nurseries and childcare, service centres and more. The sector raises complex issues that can no longer be tackled by conventional approaches or buildings. We offer our expertise to provide suitable responses.

We use that expertise to develop resilient, future-proof spaces that, at their core, are still healing environments where the quality of life or living is equally fundamental for staff, patients, users and visitors. All aspects such as architecture, setting, accessibility, climate, acoustics, organisation and technology contribute to this.

High demands, high-tech solutions

The high quality requirements and strict regulations involved with care centres call for high-tech solutions. Whether constructing, renovating or enlarging, each project requires attention to sufficient capacity, the right equipment and room for specialisations. That is why our team deploys their strong experience in designing the necessary infrastructure and buildings, along with their in-depth knowledge of regulations and funding programmes.

Such projects also require extra caution and accuracy to keep it feasible and affordable. That is why we always work with the right experts and partners to develop a well-phased and, above all, sustainable plan that makes room for additions, shifts and remodelling to meet ever-changing standards and needs.