Strong cores

A liveable city is one that includes central space(s) for meeting and experiencing. Therefore, we are strongly committed to multifunctional squares filled with vitality.

Infill over sprawl

For us, strong cores signify multifunctional, social meeting places that provide space for everyone, regardless of background or age. These are places that invite and create opportunities to participate in society. For any public space, we work on the principle of infill rather than sprawl. We don’t build more, we build and renew within the existing space. We don’t make more, we make it better.

Every project also requires an innovative and integrated approach where boards work together with urban planners and landscape architects. With our ecological approach for these projects, we constantly perceive the opportunity to reintroduce green and even blue areas where grey surfaces predominate, in order to increase the liveability of towns and cities. It also offers additional development opportunities for important centres and other facilities in the proximity. That is why we increasingly want to create a central hub that is truly vibrant.