Inspiring learning environments

While looking from the perspective of children/young people, we create modular, multipurpose classrooms with space for creativity, play and nature experiences.

Education with new demands

Education is undergoing major changes in terms of teaching approach over the past few years. The traditional way of teaching is increasingly being moved away from, with the teacher at the front of the class taking notes on the blackboard and the children obediently following behind their desks. Nowadays, much more attention is paid to the individual learning paths of children with a focus on personal development. To this end, teachers are adopting new methods and the architectural needs of the school are also changing.

We contribute by designing a building that fully integrates and interacts with its surroundings. In this way, we invite participation from teachers, pupils and the neighbourhood. In addition, we want to create an inspiring environment by designing green oases, climate-proof buildings and playgrounds, and passive buildings. By letting children grow up and spend time in such environments, we impart these values in a natural and engaging way.

Polyvalent and modular, healthy and safe

The adaptability of education invites us to design polyvalent and modular sites where learning is the main, but not the only, focus. Creativity and art, nature experience, games and movement, serenity and concentration also take their rightful place in the design proces. In doing so, we are attentive to creating a secure environment that feels like home. This is achieved by providing learning corners, instruction rooms, sensory rooms, etc. The school’s architecture therefore always starts from the perspective of the pupils. Sometimes literally, when we talk about children. After all, school is a big part of their living environment and upbringing.

We look at the implantation and arrangement of the building, the structure and techniques, the perception and how to deal with sustainability. It is also our duty to build a healthy and safe environment, both in and outside the school. Around the school, we work with adjustable signs and coloured pedestrian crossings for safe traffic conditions.