Sports & games

Meeting place around sports and games

As a company, we believe in the slogan ‘Get in shape, shape the future’. That is why we are committed to promoting the development of a healthy mind in a healthy body by developing pleasant, high-quality and better-equipped living environments where sports and games take a central place. We therefore focus on comprehensive projects where various indoor and outdoor disciplines merge into a meeting place that blends into its surroundings.

Rules and boundaries

A sport has clear boundaries and rules where each line on the field has a meaning. It is just the same for architecture: we take the rules into account, although we like to push our boundaries. The requirements and needs of a project are therefore always the starting points. We create an idea about the volume that will be needed and about the spaces that require an interrelationship. The final form is co-determined on the basis of functional and intuitive circulation. Furthermore, we take into account the orientation in terms of natural light and natural heat gain, and strive for light and open spaces with proper ventilation, lighting, cooling and heating.

During the design process, we also consider the characteristics, form and materialisation. We prefer warm materials for a pleasant living area, but also use robust materials that contribute to a durable entity built for intensive use. Finally, we complete the structure with sound-absorbing materials for acoustic comfort.

Integration for a better quality of life

We always aim to design dynamic, multifunctional sites that satisfy all needs. They require close cooperation with local authorities and partners right from the start. Together, we conduct a thorough spatial study that ultimately leads to a result that involves other areas such as climate and water, sustainable mobility and strong cores.

In fact, a better quality of life is enhanced by making nature, biodiversity, recreation, leisure, water management and amenity work together in harmony. With projects that embrace sports and recreation, we create an intermediate gateway connecting nature and the urban fabric. We build bridges between the different actors who are present in the neighbourhood. By using the interdisciplinary qualities we possess within Evolta, we aim to create a design that intertwines these architectural and spatial aspects.

However, the trend also goes in the other direction. We are not just aiming to integrate sports and games elements into our society through large sports and leisure facilities, but bring it into all of our projects wherever we can. Just think of playing stripes connecting streets and residential areas with larger recreational parks, sports equipment in green-blue regions or playing elements in inspiring educational environments. In other words, the scale does not have to be large. We aim to stimulate people to move and play. In this way, we give a greater sense of identity, charm and added value to the places we create.