Opening of bicycle highway Mechelen – Zemst

Today we took another beautiful step in the connection between Antwerp and Brussels. A missing piece of bicycle highway between Mechelen and Zemst was put into use. With an eye for the comfort of the end user and with the necessary ambition, we achieved this result. Reason enough to be proud! Thanks to all parties involved!

#fietssnelweg #F1 #shapethefuture

Aquafin Workshop

Persuasive invitation from Aquafin NV to experience partnership in words and deeds by investing time and energy into workshops on it! The first one today started with 35 participants, in open dialogue, to determine the success factors for our partnership, identify themes and shape them together.

Someone asked ‘what do you expect from us?’ The answer was ‘what are you offering us?’ In search of interaction and cocreation. #leadingbyexample #bethechange #getinshape thanks for the inspiration Danny Baeten (say yes to the mess is on my reading list) thx Ineke Van Severen & Anne Smekens clever organisation for creating openness and getting us out of the box

#togetherwethrive #shapethefuture

We’ll be moving into our new office from 5 July

Next week, on Monday 5 July, we will officially move into our new office in Dok Noord in Ghent. You can take an advance look inside now and get to know our CEO, Nele De Smet. She will talk about our dream and vision for the world.

Nele De Smet: “Why do we do what we do? Because we dream of a beautiful world in balance, happy people in development and a resilient organisation in motion. Sustainability is inherent to what we do – responding today to the questions and needs of tomorrow – and the happiness of our employees is the best guarantee of making our dream come true. Now to turn our dream into reality, because that is our ultimate goal!”