Cycleway F1, Zemst

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Municipality of Zemst & Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer
Sustainable Mobility Team

Construction of cycleways and safe cycle crossing

Zemst is investing in a smooth and safe cycle connection to Mechelen

When the municipality of Zemst wanted to provide a cycleway along the busy Brusselsesteenweg (N1), we were responsible for the entire study task – from sketch design to tendering and coordination of the works.

The project consisted of two parts: the reconstruction of the cycle lanes between Heidestraat and Zemstbaan, and a cycle crossing or bypass to Zemstsesteenweg along the Antwerp-Brussels railroad line.

Een veilige boulevard en authentieke keiklinkers

Both projects fit seamlessly with the new design for the junction of Brusselsesteenweg and Zemstbaan in Mechelen. We carefully coordinated the works to minimise traffic disruption on the route.

In the design of the new cycle lane, we used warning strips and green belts to separate the cycle lanes from the roadway as far as possible. The existing cycle lanes were raised and rebuilt in red asphalt for the same reason.

Meanwhile, to the north of the cycleway, we are working on tendering for a follow-on route up to Steenmolenstraat, which connects the cycleway to Mechelen station.